Add Up To 40% To Your Manhood Instantly!

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Why do guys measure their manhood often? Admit it, you still reach for that measuring tape and see how big is your tool. Don’t you? Why does size matter to guys? We asked 20 guys [...]

Real Women Reveal Best 5 Sex Positions To Make Them Orgasm

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A women's publication recently interviewed a couple of hundred women and asked about the most desired sex positions that bring them to climax most often. Guess what? It turns out it's easier than you think. In [...]

Prostate health! Will you be a statistic?

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Prostate Health! Will you be a statistic? The subject of prostate Health is one that somehow is frequently missed by the media radar, and while not intentional it is alarming nonetheless. As much as 40,000 [...]

Permanent Penis Enlargement, is it possible?

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We are told that from the Stone Age and before humans could utter a spoken word, men have been on a lifelong quest to grow a bigger penis. There are priceless and entertaining stories about [...]