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All products work on the same principle of providing more blood flow into the penis chambers, expanding the tissue thereby creating an erection. Unfortunately most products are made up of fillers and inferior quality ingredients that give less than adequate results along with the associated side effects of headaches, foggy feeling and sometimes even worse.

Genie Capsule, however, a 5000 Year Old Secret Ancient Formula that until now was only available to Emperors and the Elite of the day. It is a scientifically formulated proprietary blend of the highest quality, sparing no expense, Exotic Botanical,Herbal and Medical grade ingredients working together at Optimal Ratios, enhanced by twenty first Century advanced technology thus creating maximum effectiveness and Greater Sex, Size and Stamina. All without any harmful side effects. Just as our bodies are able to absorb better quality food and get better results, the same goes for the ingredients in our Genie Capsule formula. Quality and purity in the correct ratios produce higher effectiveness through better absorption and assimilation. The best part is that Genie Capsule delivers prescription pills results without the headaches or harmful side effects.

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